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Life Sciences

• Surgeons may use hand gestures to manipulate MRI images in OR

• Body heat, fermentation drive new drug-delivery 'micropump'

• Sensor detects glucose in saliva and tears for diabetes testing

• Spectroscopic imaging reveals early changes leading to breast tumors

• Rap music powers rhythmic action of medical sensor

• Football findings suggest concussions caused by series of hits

• Findings suggest new cause, possible treatment for multiple sclerosis 

• Brain changes found in football players thought to be concussion-free

• Robot submarine patrols Lake Michigan for climate-change study

• Ultrasensitive imaging method uses gold-silver 'nanocages'

• Drug studied as possible treatment for spinal injuries

• Findings show nanomedicine promising for treating spinal cord injuries

• New technology helps Parkinson's patients speak louder

• Pandemic warning system keys on 'human factors'

• Findings show insulin - not genes - linked to obesity

• New stretchable electrodes created to study stresses on cardia cells

• Nano-tetherball biosensor precisely detects glucose

• Biologists learn structure, mechanism of powerful 'molecular motor' in virus

• Biologists spy close-up view of poliovirus linked to host cell receptor

• New imaging approach promises insights into multiple sclerosis

• Needle-size device created to track tumors, radiation dose

• Imaging yields insights into 'nanomedicine' for cancer treatment

• Geologist Marsh prefers his research on ice

• Shadows closing on early Alzheimer's victim

• Self-contained 'world' taking shape in Ariz.

• Toad licking can be lethal

• Ostrander concerned that coral reefs may not survive

• 4th hip replacement operation fails to slow Goldwater, political quips

• Spun-sugar fibers spawn sweet technique for nerve repair

• New findings measure precise impact of fat on cancer spread